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These are some acoustic versions of songs old and new. The recordings on "quit" are part of a larger project called "give me a reason to quit" which will contain somewhere around 50 songs spanning the band's history.

TEDIUM EVERLASTING: tedium everlasting always barking up the same damn tree the pile of bricks that we're stacking is gonna fall down eventually well shouldn't I try to look it in the eye I just need to finish one more thing you say I'm on top but I know I'm not everything here looks the same to me tedium everlasting peace and love under lock and key don't even know why I'm asking wherever I go I've already been
LOSING TEAM: there's something left to do under the bad moon I'll sing a happy tune till it's over I read it in a book that all you got is what you took and that made a lot of sense to me later I'll kick and scream on the losing team cause that's just what I'm used to the ball and chain that tired and true refrain. It's what I like to put myself through first the plant it grows and then the fruit it shows until it walks along the road to its ending it's very dark in here said the blind man to the seer why don't you shut your eyes a while while we're waiting
I WANT MORE ALCOHOL: got the feeling like I said something that maybe I should not any feeling is better than the one I got it's strange to be seen at this party you know it can't be real there's quite a noise in here and it's getting louder still I want more alcohol cause I hate this town I've just been fucking around and it makes me sadder I want more alcohol cause I loved you and you loved him and it makes me sadder I caught you starting at me from across the room I had my head in a cloud that was raining doom the chances of winning this are a million to one well I'm the million and first and there's still none
A REAL CASE OF THE BLUES: I know it sounds funny but it's true I'm building an empire out of paper and glue I'm selling my story to the news a minor ordeal a real case of the blues it ain't wrong and it ain't right it ain't nothing but a little time I feel good yeah I feel fine I've got nothing but it's still mine I lost my ambition so what do I do I'll write a soap opera and I'll star in it too I could never really figure out how things should be so I invented a god who looked just like me
HEATHEN WAYS: everybody wants to be your friend everybody wants to do you in everybody wants to know what you're hiding from so come and join in our heathen ways save your regrets for later days we know you've got mouths to feed we know you've got boundless needs we know you'll accept no one's charity so come and join in our heathen ways save your regrets for later days in this life there's nothing free so grab your gun and follow me if you want something you gotta take it fast empty pockets and a bottle of booze you know you ain't got a lot to lose so come on boy and join the gang at last
THE VISITOR: oh black water take me down kill the vision and the sound the strangest thing happens to people if you just give them some time I find myself locked in a cage all the money that I saved won't bail me out the key it lies within my grasp but I forgot how the visitor whispered something to me from the other side I wasn't listening I was thinking of something else an unpleasant heat the pounding of feet down the hall in purgatory an unloaded gun we were just having fun but how are you gonna shoot me twist the screw into the wood twist until it's understood that each turn I take turns out worse than the turn that I took before snake the servant of the dead I'd stake it all on what he said but it's bittersweet the knowledge that everything must fall to rise again spend my life in chains inside of this cave shadows are all I can see so how can I frame it the voice of the ancients the language of the churning sea
YOU WON'T FIND ANYTHING: you thought that you knew me but you were wrong I was elsewhere while you were carrying on I got so deep in just keep 'em coming I feel like I'm dying of thirst lately so look in my eyes and see what you see you won't find anything out about me I said it before and I'll say it again I might be alone but I don't need a friend so I'll see you around I'm gonna close this place down and then I'll stumble to wherever I will be
HIDING PLACE: they all told you you'd better find yourself a hiding place and go there's heaven all around you it's just hard to make it show someone said to you that you were running from something that you didn't know the fire in the furnace is burning in the basement below who on earth would bother you a pretty face to break in two you don't believe in up above or down below in all of us you don't you said don't look at me they didn't listen now they're looking at a ghost and all your friends and family said you're always such an awful host so they just started you down you are an animal who they will never know and when you finally find something good they'll damn well be the last ones you show
SHE'S GOT A GUN: she's got a gun and she's holding it to your head but her smile makes it seem like she's your only friend she looks just like a faded magazine advertising all you thought your life should have been she's got a gun and you should see that's not the way you wanna go she'll slam your face right down into that mud and make you feel like she is doing it only out of love she'll lock you up and throw away the key and you'll feel like that's the only place that you were meant to be


released September 29, 2015

All songs written and performed by Nathan Baumgartner
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Sallas
Ryan Wiggans played bass and tambourine on some of the songs. He also assisted in mixing.
Bim Ditson drew the cover 'art' and got all the tapes dubbed while I was flipping out under pressure.



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And And And Portland, Oregon


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